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Wanted – Movie Review


Abey, woh He-Man ka baap hai, Batman ka chacha hai, Bruce-lee ka nana hai woh; Last action hero hai‘.  With these lines, enters Radhe (Salman Khan).  I’d say it’s been a long long time but finally as Rakhi would put it ‘Mere Karan-Arjun aa gaye‘.  Yes, the last action hero has arrived and how.  “Boom boom bang bang bang; too much action” complained a friend when we got out of the movie.  I told him “Have you ever complained that there was too much comedy in a comedy movie?”   I know it’s silly but the point is Is the action good?  And I swear to God (I’d rather say today – Teri Maa ki kasam) Hell Yeah!

As you would’ve realised, this movie is not for everyone.  No; it is only for those who can watch Salman with our without his shirt.  It’s almost like a gift to his fans.  I think the last time Salman was this serious about action was in ‘Veergati‘.

Small thug with big dreams works his way into the underworld and gets involved in a deadly gang war with his rival gang.  In the middle of all the killing and mayhem, our action hero also tries to play romantic hero with Jhanvi (Ayesha Takia).  Throw in an international don Ghani Bhai, a corrupt police officer Talpade (Mahesh Manjrekar) and an honest commissioner and you at least have something you can call a plot.  The good part is that almost everyone has a sense of humour.  The silly and at times unexpected humour, gives viewers some break in the intensity and the bang bang of this No holds barred WWE event.  The sweet and busty (deadly combination I’d say) Jhanvi is the other refreshing relief.

The songs are when you go out to smoke or take a pee; Loud, out of place and completely forgettable.

The director is Prabhu Deva and the south Indian influence is quite visible in the action but thankfully it has been moderated (a little) for Hindi Movie audiences.

By now, I guess my review is even longer than the thin storyline though with a suprisingly happy ending.  I loved the twist at the end.  Alternatively, if I follow QI’s style, I’d just quote the Black Eyed Peas – ‘Boom Boom Pow’!


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