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Camping at Kalba

The Eid holidays falling around winter is one of the best things that happen to Dubai ever since discovery of the Camel!  After eight months of the unrelenting Sun beating down on mortals, driving them inside the safe confines of air conditioned environments, finally it is time to breath the fresh air and get out in the open.  It is time to reminisce the days when we slept on the terrace under the stars feeling the cool breeze in India.  Finally with the kids now two and half years old, we could dare to make plans for a camping trip on the beach during the Eid holidays. 

Our favourite spot – the beach near the Al Aqah Beach resort in Fujairah was closed down due to construction so we had to look for another beach and fortunately we found the Kalba beach – crystal clear waters (with a few small crabs but harmless) and not very crowded.

And now, I’ll let the pictures do the talking…

The drive to Fujairah is scenic with nice views of the mountains and this Weekend market on one of the stretches where you get everything that you need for camping but obviously, everything is expensive since this is the last resort of lazy bums.  Proper shopping from carrefour is recommended and then you can only buy firewood and grills here.

As soon as we reached the beach, the kids wanted to run into the water.

Surprisingly, this time round, Yuvaan who is usually the risk taker was acting scared and Hayaa was acting the elder sister she is.

Yuvaan took some time getting used to the approaching waves.

Under the night sky.  The night was a lot darker but a slow shutter speed and a tripod helped get this beautiful picture.

Campfires are fun, especially on a winter night.

But the most beautiful time is the early morning.  Difficult to experience it though when you’ve downed a bottle of wine and danced to imaginary music for providing some entertainment to others the night before.

And as always, litter is becoming a problem everywhere.  Look at all the plastic and garbage bags in the background.  My brother then dutifully collected all of it at one place.

At times, danger looks so beautiful up close.

For the less adventurous, there was a Motel just 5 minutes away with a beautiful garden and a swimming pool.

And opposite the motel, there was this lovely restaurant.

The restaurant is on the edge of a natural mangrove formed from the sea.  Beautiful views all over. 


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