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This is a day before Sakshi went to India. I was trying to put Yuvaan to sleep to get some practice before the real exam… After a few minutes, he runs out of the room and goes to his Mummy. I come out accepting defeat, “He isn’t sleepy!”.

“Sing to him” Sakshi says, so I’m back inside trying again.

I take him to the window and make him see cars below. He seems drowsy so I go in for the kill. I rest his head on my shoulder and think of a song… Can’t think of any so just start singing whatever comes in my mouth…

He says “Pappa gadi bataye”

So I start singing
“Pappa bataye, Yuvaan so jaaye…
Pappa bataye, Yuvaan so jaaye”

And then, after a pause…

“Lal gadi, pili gadi
Lal gadi, pili gadi

Pappa bataye, Yuvaan so jaaye
Pappa bataye, Yuvaan so jaaye”

He seems to close his eyes. I’m buoyed by the success so I go ahead

“Ek gadi, do gadi
Teen gadi, char gadi

Pappa bataye, Yuvaan so jaaye
Pappa bataye, Yuvaan so jaaye”

Now I’m really getting the hang of it and he seems to like the tune (and my soothing voice of course) so I continue…

“Slow gadi, fast gadi
Slow gadi, fast gadi

Pappa bataye, Yuvaan so jaaye
Pappa bataye, Yuvaan so jaaye”

And it actually works. I take him to the bed and make him lie on the bed but he clings to me… says “Pappa soye”

So I sleep next to him, and he climbs on top of me and snuggles his head in my neck. I think he’s off to sleep! But he lifts his head, eyes half closed says “Pappa… gana gao”

And I go again… “Pappa bataye, Yuvaan so jaaye…” till he’s in dreamland.


Next day, I’m happy and confident that my lullaby will put him off to sleep. I change him into his night suit but he insists that he’ll wear it himself “Yuvaan pehne”. Click here to see how 🙂

I’m all set to put him off to sleep so I tell him “Yuvaan so jaaye” and he says “Pappa gana gao”. “Kaun sa gana” I ask him. He says, “Gadi wala”. Wow, the song is already a hit I think :-). I tap myself on the back and he climbs on top of me and snuggles in.

I begin and am just a minute into crooning the song that he lifts his head up and says “Na na na na”. I think, he loves my voice. So I change track…

“Meri laundry ka ek bill,
Ek Aadhi padhi novel,
Na na na na na
Na na na na na

Ek ladki ka phone number,
Mere kaam…”

He interrupts “Bachana”

So I change track again
“Bachna ae hasino, lo mein aa gaya
Husn ka aashiq, husn ka dushman
Apni ada hai…”

He interrupts again “Eea Eea Oo”

I’m glad he’s learning something in school as well. I change track…

“Old Mcdonald had a farm
Eea Eea Ooo
And on that farm, he had some chicks
Eea Eea Ooo”

I sing this really slowly and softly hoping he’ll sleep listening to it. But he again lifts his head and looks up…

“Pappa eyes coz” (eyes close)

So I close my eyes but continue singing and tapping him and he says

“Pappa gadi wala gana”

So I ask him “Kaun sa gadi wala”

He says “Pappa so jaaye, Gadi bataye…
Yuvaan bataye, pappa so jaaye”

He’s confused and doesn’t exactly remember the lyrics but he sure loves this song :-).


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First Born Daddy Tag!

Recently, there was a tag which I thought was very feminist. The First Born Tag. Women went on about their first borns and we men seemed to be left out. It even felt weird thinking whether to even comment details about whether it was normal or a C-sec. And then, since it is an equal world (or so the women who rule us say), Solilo tagged me on this one asking my wife to do it. But I guess, she suffers from what I call “BSS (Blogger Spouse Syndrome)” – a condition wherein the spouse of a blogger develops a jealousy induced allergy towards the blog. So actually, I thought of doing it myself. Felt weird but after almost two weeks of being away from my wife and son, I guess, it got to me. Time to chuck the corona chronicles and be a loving husband and doting daddy :).

1) Was Your First Pregnancy Planned?
Yep, my wife’s first pregnancy was planned; And planned with a lot of preparation. I stopped all vices (didn’t have many btw). I stopped drinking beer / wine at least 6 months in advance. I didn’t tell this to anyone, else they thought I was crazy but wanted to make sure, not a drop remains in my system. I know it was just psychological but was satisfying.

2) Were You Married At That Time?
Yes, married for 3 full years.3) What Were Your Reactions?
Happy obviously, and Proud since this is the ultimate proof of manhood. He he

4) Was Abortion An Option For You?

5) How Old Were You?
My wife was… (wait I can’t reveal her age). I was 30. My wife is 7 years younger!

6) How Did You Find Out You Were Pregnant ?
Home Test Kit but my wife was not convinced unless she saw it herself on the ultrasound.

7) Who Did You Tell First?
My brother and bhabhi first of all coz. we live together, so if they don’t count, My parents back in India and then her parents at a dinner.

8) Due Date?
07/07/2007 (My fascination with the number 7 was thus reinforced).

9) Did You Have Morning Sickness?
My wife actually lost weight in the first trimester because of morning sickness and her lack of desire to eat. She used to drink so much Digene that I thought my baby would be born with Pink hair.

10) What Did You Crave?
She craved for anything that was not at home at 12 in the night. And more than that, when we went out to find that elusive snack, she’d be just happy with the drive around town at night.

11) Who/What Irritated You The Most ?
Dunno really but she used to be upset a lot of times without reason.

12) What Was Your First Child’s Sex?

13) Did You Wish You Had The Opposite Sex Of What You Were Getting?
My Bhabhi just delivered a girl a month before my wife’s delivery. So honestly, I was hoping for a boy to complete the family.

14) How Many Pounds Did You Gain Throughout The Pregnancy?
I guess, she gained around 12 to 14 kgs in all. And now she’s lost all of it and more 🙂

15) Did You Have A Baby Shower?

16) Was It A Surprise Or Did You Know?
Not Applicable.

17) Did You Have Any Complications During Your Pregnancy?
None of the medical kind. But a lot of complicated thoughts seemed to occur to her.

18) Where Did You Give Birth?
A Hospital (Al Wasl) here in Dubai.

19) How Many Hours Were You In Labour?
A long long time. I mean, don’t really know when she was taken to the labour room but was very long. I was in Amsterdam at the time. Wait wait, there’s some explanation required here before you start cussing me. My trip to Amsterdam was purely business and I was supposed to be back a good week before the due date. Everything was going fine till I left. And even when she was in the hospital on 28th, I felt, I’ll make it before him. But he’s my Son. How could he let go of this opportunity? After all, this means, every year, my wife will make me give him a really expensive b’day gift (in addition to all the gifts I’ve to give her for managing this on her own) (and yes, in addition to all the times she gets to tell me “you weren’t there” in jest or otherwise).

20) Who Drove You To The Hospital/Birth Center?
My brother, mother, father, her father, mother, grandmother and brother – the whole Gang drove her.

21) Who Watched You Give Birth?
Her Mom. My new friends watched me listen and react to the news in Amsterdam when I was in the train on my way to the airport.

22) Was It Natural Or C-Section ?

23) Did You Take Medicine To Ease The Pain?
Yes, She called me from the room asking if she could opt for Epidural. I said yes. I didn’t know what else to say.

24) How Much Did Your Child Weigh?
Around 2.5 kgs

25) When Was Your Child Actually Born ?
29th June – 6.20 pm.

26)What Was Your Reaction When The Doctor Announced The Sex Of The Baby?
My mother in law told me on the phone. I somehow knew it would be a boy so wasn’t surprised. I was almost expecting her to say “It’s a boy” and she did.

27) What Was Your First Reaction On Seeing The Baby?
I saw him almost 24 hours after he was born. Strangely, my first reaction was “he doesn’t look one bit like me”. I was all the while in the flight expecting him to have a longish face, loads of hair and droopy eyes but he was the exact opposite – Chubby round face, no hair, not even eyebrows and big eyes (like his mom). He completely resembled my brother in law.

28) Did You Cry?
No. I mean, I thought, I should cry but I didn’t feel like. I just felt happy like crazy. I was scared of hugging him too tight so was controlling myself. He seemed so fragile. So I just took out a hand of his and was trying to make him hold my finger. In the process, he woke up and started crying. I didn’t cry.

29) What Did You Name Him?
We thought long and hard about the name. He was born under special stars so the naming ceremony had to happen after 40 days instead of the normal 6 days. I didn’t want a name that ended with “sh” coz. I thought those names were out of fashion – Rajesh, Rakesh, Suresh, Ramesh, Haresh, Paresh, Rupesh etc. etc. I wanted to have a name that’ll be in style after 20 odd years. So we took the entire 40 days to decide. Yuvaan, it was. Btw, these naming sites on the internet are all crap. Out of the 10,000 names that they claim, you can’t find one descent name on the alphabet you’re looking for. Almost all the names there, are either too complicated and ancient or too Spartan and common.

30) How Old Is Your First Born Today?
Today he is 20 and half months old and he’s away with his Mom in India, celebrating Holi and poking his tongue at me!

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