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The ‘Lucky Chinese’ Tag

All this while, I was obsessed with 7 – the lucky number. And yet I remained unlucky.

Why? Because, the number 8 is considered to be lucky in China just like the number 7 is considered to be lucky in the west. And India is far closer to China than the west. Now I know why I am never lucky. I was not born on the 8th, neither in August, neither in the 80s or even in 78. My phone number doesn’t have an 8, neither does my house number. All these do have 7, though. I guess, I have enough evidence to make a conspiracy theory as to why the west exported 7 as a lucky number to the whole world. I think I can even sue them now.

Nevertheless, thanks to Nancy because of whom, I found this fact about the Number 8. So I take this tag and further it, in the hope that the God / Goddess (this is the result of reading too much of IHM) of 8 will finally accept my prayers…

8 TV shows I like to watch: (confession time)
1.  Bigg Boss (I download it every day and watch it on my laptop)
2.  Swayamwars (Rakhi and now the one coming soon… Rahul)
3.  Friends (at times)
4.  Seinfeld (at fewer times)
5.  I don’t watch any more TV
6.  Nope, still don’t
7.  Counting further won’t make me watch any more TV shows
8.  Are we done?

8 favourite places to eat (and drink)
1.  McDonalds – No Cheese, extra lettuce I’m lovin it
2.  Chin Chin, Satwa
3.  Any restaurant in Century Village for the ambience
4.  Harvester’s Pub, Crowne Plaza
5.  Peshawari Keema at Ravi Restaurant
6.  Fish and Kingfisher at Britto’s, Goa
7.  Breakfast at Poonam Nasta House, Adipur (I know, none of you would know what I’m talking about but this is the first place I visit as soon as I reach home for some awesome Dal Poori and Alu Tiki)
8.  The garden outside Baracudda beach resort after shopping from the Wine shop there 🙂

8 things I look forward to
1.  The New Year and the work deadlines that come with it…
2.  Learning rock climbing (But I keep postponing doing this)
3.  The next private sector holiday (After Moharram, there isn’t one for the next 6 months I guess)
4.  Friday. No actually, Thursday afternoon
5.  Seeing Yuvaan & Hayaa join school and enjoy it as much as they enjoy play school
6.  Seeing the kids learn a new thing, almost everyday
7.  The CAs cricket match on Friday
8.  Completing the promise of No Shopping for myself till 1st March 2010

8 things that happened yesterday
1.  Watched City of Life, the UAE’s first feature film. Enjoyed it.
2.  Spoke to two stuck up old Brit ladies in the theatre who thought they should’ve been allowed in without having to wait in the queue even though the tickets were sold out
3.  Avoided the craving to have Ice-cream after dinner even though my wife asked me ten times
4.  Got wet in the rain while coming back from office
5.  Got stuck in very bad traffic just 5 minutes from home
6.  Downloaded a Bigg Boss 3 episode (Actually, this happens every day)
7.  Fell asleep while putting Yuvaan off to sleep (and forgot to keep an alarm for today morning)
8.  Woke up in the middle of the night and set the alarm

8 things I love about winter
I hate winters except when it’s the Dubai winter which is more like the spring.
1.  Driving with the windows down
2.  The parks and barbeques
3.  The camping trip and the beach visits
4.  Feeling comfortable wearing suits and ties (Have to wear them even when it is 50 degrees)
5.  Standing in the balcony and showing kids the rain
6.  Sleeping with the window open without air-conditioning
7.  A morning drive on the weekend (though it rarely happens. Weekends are for sleeping, no?)
8.  The absence of body odour at crowded public places

8 things on my wishlist
1.  Travelling all across India backpacking… alone (coz. my wife hates the idea or maybe with Yuvaan when he’s old enough)
2.  Backpacking anywhere… alone
3.  Getting a Diving license
4.  Getting some job as a free lancer writing something… anything.
5.  Visiting Everest base camp (Actually, if I had the time and motivation to train, and the money to pay the bill, I’d love to attempt a climb. But I know it’ll never happen so being reasonable, a base camp visit would be good enough)
6.  A Harley
7.  Chrysler 300 (Not now but after a few years)
8.  Winning a big lottery in Dubai

8 things I am passionate about
1.  Work (as in what I do)
2.  Movies
3.  Writing… crap
4.  India
5.  Ensuring the kids grow up to be good human beings
6.  Making a positive difference to as many people’s lives as possible in whatever way
7.  Preaching tolerance
8.  Passion… lol

8 words or phrases I use often
1.  No?
2.  Thank you, Shukran
3.  Wow
4.  Awesome
5.  Babbu / Gudda
6.  Umma de do, pappa ko umma de do
7.  almost
8.  seriously

8 things I learnt from the past
1.  Money isn’t everything. And you can never have enough. (Though I know this as a fact, it doesn’t stop me from wanting more. But thankfully, I’m at least satisfied)
2.  People love to Hate
3.  Grades / marks / percentages are so overrated
4.  I was often told, Studying CA is the most difficult. Once you pass, life will be easy. Discovered that passing CA was the easiest; the toughest part begins after you pass.
5.  You’ll never be able to buy at the LOWEST and sell at the HIGHEST
6.  Luck truly depends on stars; Some people never win and some always do
7.  I’m NOT Lucky in Gambling
8.  But I don’t know when my luck might change. So I should keep trying 😛

8 places I would love to go, visit or see
1.  All over India, backpacking
2.  Maldives (Diving)
3.  Everest Base Camp
4.  Rainforests in Malaysia (Trekking)
5.  Big 5 in Africa with the kids
6.  Natural wonders in New Zealand
7.  My dad’s home in Karachi, Pakistan
8.  Goa, again (and again and again and again)

8 things I currently need or want
1.  Contacts (as in contact lenses)
2.  Time
3.  A good nursery for the kids
4.  Sleep (I always need sleep)
5.  A tummy trimming device; something that makes me get 6 packs without exercise (Ok, even 4 packs would do)
6.  A Business Development Executive (for office)
7.  A good head massage
8.  Sleep (Did I already say that? I’m really sleepy)

And I need to tag 8 people…

The first 8 people to leave a comment are tagged. No, seriously. I’ll add your names to this post once you comment !

As promised, the ones who bit are…

1.  Aarti
2. Swaram *Luckily for her, she’s already done it*
3. Vee *He’s done it as well*
4. ISH
5. Pixie
6. Hitchwriter
7. Lubna
8. Monika

Ok All of you, get going !!!
And the ones after the first 8, you’re free to do it as well 🙂


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