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Memories on the Internet!

A very long time ago, (seems like a 100 years), I was young… and I was in love. No surprise? Ok I was in love again… But this time (like every other frikkin time) it felt real and it felt that it’ll last forever…

And then one day, it seemed that it might suddenly end… Again! I was heartbroken for the umm… (don’t remember how many so I’ll just say) umpteenth time. And in that moment, I wrote this…

You’re not indispensible…
Seeing you walking out the door
I felt a feeling I can’t describe
There was so much pain and agony
But all that I tried to hide
But a fear still exists in my mind;

What if you walk out of my life?
What if our ways part?
What if to our wishes God turns blind?
What if you take back your heart?

When you were gone, I felt so lonely
So incomplete, and so …
I don’t know

I wish this never happens to our life
Forgetting you is out of question
Coz. If I cut you off, I’d cut myself with the same damn knife.

Words could never express how much I love you
Or when I’m with you, What I feel
If there was some place like heaven
There I’ve already been.

I’ve tried to explain
I had to try
“No one’s indispensable”
Here doesn’t apply.

“A life without you”
The only thought makes me cold and numb
I can’t hide, I can’t run
I’m at a pointWhere I believe, it’s YOU or NO ONE.

And those were the days when internet had just begun so I posted this on a poetry library website – http://www.lovingyou.com. I never knew that centuries later, when I google my name, this might just pop up.

Though I’m so over it, (yes, I do at least remember which girl who I wrote this for) and a tad embarrassed on this disclosure but I thought I’ll show off my softer poetic side :-).

Moral of the story: Be careful what you post on the internet!


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Funny Notes

Arabs get really innovative when it comes to public relations. This note was found in a vehicle instead of a parking ticket along side a 100 dirham note in a paid parking zone.

English translation: “I swear to Allah that I do not have coins, and am here just for 10 minutes, so PLLLEEEAAASSSEEE Mr. RTA, am sure you can understand and not fine me”

Obviously, when he addresses the parking inspector as Mr. RTA (Roads and Transport Authority) and adds a smiley at the end, he’s surely got a sense of humour, this guy.

And then, I got a dose of the same, closer home. After a few days of arguments with my wife, I found this in my car, 1 afternoon…

How can someone be upset after this? And can you imagine, what was the argument about in the first place?

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